daily hug

the world needs a daily hug

What is this?

Daily hug is my way of saying: be nice to each other, every day. This site takes pictures from Flickr tagged with 'hug'.

Daily Hug

Timeless Embrace
April 18, 2014

Timeless Embrace

Jordan and Mike 3365 Days In Colour-Bunny HugJordan and Mike 4Jordan and Mike 2Love in a WalkwayJordan and MikeLove...Allyssa & SamBear HugBaby alman sleeping #hug #kissPortrait of happy mature parents carrying kids on backBATLab vs CMU-2014-04-17-DSC_8931BDL2-2014-04-17-DSC_8934Zara and Amir. Throwback picture during Zara 2 months old.The kid with the mohawk . (16/365)chimpanzee love sky rug @society6hotelhoteljenny,katie and a bottle of beer.Audrey Hepburn The best thing to hold onto in life is each otherAfternoon Delight Series